Burn The Padded Push-Up

November 16, 2015



A creative collaboration encouraging women to break the mold.

Burn The Padded Push-Up

When we first watch the ‘Burn the Padded Push-Up’, we’re inspired by the diversity and the beauty of these women. But there’s a little more to it… it’s about breaking the mold of society’s interpretation of what beauty is and the standards that we were taught to take seriously from the time we’re young. It’s about embracing individuality, rocking our own personal style and not living up to those notions that were set for us. After all, nothing is more compelling than a woman who feels comfortable, confident and the most like her true self.

The video was inspired and created by Claire Edmondson (director of videos for City of Quartz, Austra, Broken Social Scene, Pussy Riot and others) with the idea of celebrating craftsmanship and quality by burning these brightly coloured, machine made, padded bras.

We were actually surprised to learn that bras were never actually burned during the Miss America Pageant Protest of the 60’s. Instead, bras were thrown into a garbage can with other symbolic items such as mops and pots. A reporter drew a comparison between women throwing away their bras and war protesters who burned their draft cards and the story morphed from there. The retelling of what should be a historic moment for women in the civil rights movement was tragically reduced to a bra-burning trope. We wanted this video to be a fun and cheeky reclamation of that myth.

The scene was set with the help of our friends at Crown Flora Studio located in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood, Adam Mallory and Davis Khounnoraj, who specialize in editorial and large-scale installations. They created the mood with these tropical, lush and wild backdrops.

This video was a true collaboration of many creative, talented people that we feel so, so fortunate to have had the chance to work with.

We’ve always thought of quality lingerie like a secret ally; you’re the only one who knows what lies beneath and when it’s working, it can be transformative and empowering.

So to all the women out there, don’t be afraid to #BUSTOUT


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