August 22, 2017


In Collaboration With Candice Huffine

Entry By: Christina Remenyi, Founder and Designer of Fortnight Lingerie
Photo Series By: Lily Cummings

CHxFORTNIGHT is our first creative collaboration and we couldn’t be more honoured to join forces with Candice Huffine, who has been a muse of ours ever since first seeing her in CR Fashion book back in 2014. It was such a surreal moment when she reached out to tell us how much she loved our longline/ high waist combination after being introduced to the pieces on set.

Uncompromisingly true to herself, Candice embodies the Fortnight woman. She has a voice and a vision. Throughout her career, she has carved a unique path by bringing awareness to the fashion industry that beauty is not defined by a singular size. Her drive, creativity, generosity and passion for life continue to inspire me every time we connect.

Together, we worked hand-in-hand on every aspect of the design process, including the decision to expand our size offerings with the bra range – adding 36E, 34F and 30 – 32G and bottoms, slips and bodysuits, including size XXL.

Drawn to the idea of creating a custom print, we both immediately looked to leopard as inspiration for a new vision of neutral. There’s something so special about this print in that it combines both classic and assertive qualities, which really spoke to both of us. It represents something raw, natural and powerful. We wanted to take these elements and modernize them, to make it something uniquely our own.

We enlisted the help of Toronto based designer, creative director and consultant, Danielle Suppa, to create this custom print. Danielle used watercolour to create a soft, feminine motif where no individual part is viewed as more important than the whole design. Once cut and assembled, the enlarged format intentionally leaves no two garments exactly alike.

Bringing together shape and texture, much like the female form, all lines of our leopard print are curved, natural and distinct.

Honouring a neutral palette, we played with tints and shading to create two colour ways that reflect the distinct personalities that leopard can evoke. Starting with softer more ashy greys, soft warm tans and cream, adding black for a second bolder, more character.

For the editorial, we partnered with Lily Cummings who began her career on the opposite end of the lens. Like Candice, Lily is also carved her own unique path in the fashion industry, portraying women in an exposed yet sensitive, natural and unapologetically feminine perspective.

This collaboration was truly an organic partnership aimed at creating garments that simply stand for everything we both believe in – honesty, endurance, craftsmanship, functionality and classic beauty. They are made to help women feel their best – ethically and responsibly.


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