Super Sexy CPR

June, 2010

Toronto based Fortnight Lingerie is breathing life back into the frigid world of underwear marketing. With so many larger lingerie companies competing for market share, independent retailer Fortnight needed to create a campaign that could break through the clutter on an extremely limited budget. And what better way to get some attention than some Super Sexy CPR? To illustrate that absolutely any scenario can be made sexier with the help of their designer lingerie, Fortnight partnered with advertising agency Red Urban Toronto to create

An instructional website with a seriously steamy twist, Super Sexy CPR features two gorgeous female models adorned in Fortnight Lingerie practicing the life-saving, hip-thrusting, mouth-to-mouth-breathing steps of CPR. And if anyone is paying attention (and we know you are) their technique is 100% accurate.

Like the lingerie itself, the idea immediately caught the attention of anyone with a pulse. With no advertising or media budget, Super Sexy CPR has already become an online phenomenon. Within 5 days of launch the site garnered over 2,000,000 online views and averaging 25 hits per second. After one month, the views sit close to 10 million and the video has been shared over 100,000 times through Facebook and yielded tens of thousands of tweets. That’s a lot of lives saved sexily.

“This idea has quickly transcended advertising to become a part of popular culture,” says Christina Yu, Executive Creative Director of Red Urban, “ but it’s also been a huge business success, as Fortnight Lingerie is now being featured on prominent fashion sites and blogs from around the world, and last we heard their phones were ringing off the hook.”

– Super Sexy CPR, June 2010


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