A Goodbye, For Now

Dear Community & Friends,

Over the years of owning and operating Fortnight, one thing that has always been inevitable is change.

After more than 13 years of business, I have decided to shift my priorities to my family and put Fortnight on pause, indefinitely.

Fortnight has always been centred around being meaningful and intentional. Combating the fast fashion mentality through slow releases, in-house production, handmade garments, and building a tight-knit community has allowed Fortnight to remain an independent business, and truly mine.

We have never had a room full of investors, even through all of the ebbs and flows of running a brand. By retaining ownership and accountability I have stayed true to what is most essential. Knowing that more is not always better — sometimes more is just more.

My dream of creating a product that could make an impact on women’s lives became real. And last January, after struggling with infertility for years my other dream finally came true. Since my son was born it has become so very paramount how quickly these moments are fleeting.

In a world where we are always busy and trends come as quickly as they go, I want to practice the slowness and intention that Fortnight has always stood for, with my family.

Fortnight has occupied my heart and soul for over a decade and I am beyond proud of what my team and I have achieved. This decision did not come easily, however, as the small business landscape continues to change so rapidly, it does ease my mind that this may be the right time to explore a little freedom while my son is still so young.

We will be halting operations entirely this April including our online store and studio. I truly feel this does not have to be an end or a final goodbye. When the time is right you will hear from us again.

Everything on our website is our complete inventory. As this decreases please subscribe to our mailing list for exclusive access to upcoming secret sales, initiatives, and news.

I want to personally thank everyone who has allowed our pieces into your wardrobe. Thank you for allowing us to be an honest voice in the lingerie market. Each and every one of you, each moment, season, and garment have been a piece of me. Can’t wait for our paths to cross again.

With so much love and gratitude,
Christina Remenyi


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