What Slow Fashion Means To Us

Fortnight is a slow fashion, direct-to-consumer lingerie and swim brand located in Toronto, Canada. Responsibly crafting ethically made everyday essentials since 2010.


Intentional Designs

We are motivated by exceptional quality and craftswomanship at every step. Cut from patterns developed by hand, each Fortnight garment is constructed with intentional seaming to create a soft, natural shape with unparalleled support and endurance. Each size is scaled by hand to ensure a more accurate grade because our bodies don’t necessarily increase in standard increments. We base our sizes on the fittings of real women, not a machine algorithm.


Our Fabrics

We use soft, long-lasting materials that are both delicate and functional as we invest in carefully sourced, high-functioning, Oeko-Tex® certified fabrics. These include lightweight Italian jersey and lace from European mills that are committed to quality and ethical production standards. This ensures longevity and enduring comfort so our garments retain their precise fit and contour, wear after wear. Our ethos:

  • We use eco-friendly materials that are both GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified.
  • We use 100% organic linen and cotton that is free from toxic chemicals that harm the environment and humans.
  • We use low-impact, non-toxic dyes in all of our garments.
  • We support local artisans who only use sustainable methods and guarantee that no harmful dyes have been used.
  • We take all water reduction initiatives that limit the number of chemicals, water, and wastewater throughout all areas of production.
  • We use lightweight, Italian jersey and lace textiles from European mills that are committed to the highest quality standards in lingerie making.


In-House Production

We produce in-house which greatly reduces our carbon footprint. With everything made under one roof, we can ensure safe and enjoyable working conditions for our small team of skilled craftswomen. We are proud to provide above a Toronto living wage for our small women-run team. This has allowed us to expand Fortnight consciously, while actively monitoring our carbon footprint, and reducing emissions and waste wherever possible.


Sustainable Packaging

Fortnight's biggest goal is to ensure minimal waste reaches the landfill. We are consistently striving to eliminate the use of all plastic. Each order is packaged up in our studio and shipped directly to our customers, or picked up by our Toronto locals.

Kraft Mailers that are made from 100% FSC and GRS Certified recycled paper sourced from an independent carbon-neutral operated supplier.

Shipping Labels that use water-based adhesives, which utilize considerably fewer chemical ingredients that make them safer for us and the environment.

Tissue Paper that is fully compostable. They are made from plant-based materials and printed with soy-based inks on eco-friendly acid-free paper.

Stickers that are 100% FSC Certified. They are recycled from previously used plastic products and printed with soy-based acid-free. Our stickers are fully recyclable.


    Overstock Free

    We produce small, waitlist-driven releases. Our waitlist allows us to accurately prepare for demand levels prior to production. This way, we know exactly what styles, sizes, colours, and fabrics our community wants. This ensures our pieces are driven by demand, reducing the risk of overproduction – a major contributor to the climate crisis – being able to focus our small production capacity on what matters most.

    We craft up to 38 diverse sizes and create our inventory based on past reports and current demand.


    Low Waste

    We cut all of our patterns by hand, and plan our production procedures with waste reduction in mind. Our intimates are small in scale which allows us the luxury of fitting pattern pieces seamlessly together thus reducing any excess waste.


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