Commitment to Sustainability

Photo Series by: Leeor Wild

The team behind Fortnight is committed to sustainability, environmental impacts, & ethical responsibilities since 2010.

In an industry that is one of the leading contributors of global pollution due to speed and volume, we take pride in slowing things down, taking more time to produce a product that we’re proud of, and something you can be proud of, too.

Things can feel overwhelming at times but it’s important to remember that small actions can have a big impact.

It’s one of the most beautiful powers we have as a small, vertically integrated business. We’d like to take a moment to mention the actions made necessary to minimize our carbon footprint and dedicate ourselves to a more sustainable and ethical Toronto-based brand.


🧵  We produce only in small batches.

Producing in small runs ensures we reduce any excess inventory from over-production.


✂  We cut all patterns by hand.

This allows us to have very little wasted fabric, and upcycle any usable scraps.


🌱  We only work with transparent suppliers.

We work with mills that produce consciously made materials, and are Oeko-Tex® Certified.


✨  We work under one roof.

From design, production, shipping, and customer care, all aspects of our brand are conducted at our Toronto studio to minimize our carbon footprint.


💝   We hand-craft each piece with longevity in mind.

Your pieces were made with the utmost quality and care to last for years to come.


♻️   We consciously reduce waste wherever possible.

We provide alterations, or donate any returned or aging items to eliminate unnecessary waste.


💌   We only use recyclable packaging.

We use 100% recycled, and FSC Certified materials for our packaging and mailers.


🌷   We are a small & dedicated team.

We are a women-led and run team paid a living wage in Toronto.


We hope this brings transparency and care to where you purchase your most cherished garments.

Thank you for supporting us at Fortnight, while we support you.

xo Fortnight




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