Women In Fortnight x Jennifer

Photo Series by: Kristina Dittmar

1. Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Jennifer Laflamme and I am a Korean-Canadian artist born in Japan, living in Toronto. I work with textiles creating one of a kind pieces under the name Mifi Mifi. They are carefully hand-crafted garments incorporating traditional textile techniques such as dyeing and stitching that are rooted in my cultural background.

I am interested in working with plants creating colour through dyeing and making garments that act as vessels for our memories and carry our spirit through our daily life.


Jennifer is wearing the Ara Plunge in 32C


2. What does feeling beautiful mean to you?

Feeling beautiful to me is finding strength, independence, self acceptance, acknowledging the ever changing flow of life, while still finding growth.  Living honestly and truthfully connects me to my spirit, which brings me a sense of freedom. I don’t know how I could ever live without that.


Jennifer is wearing the Organic Cotton Cropped Tank and Short in Small


3. What do you wear to feel most like yourself?

I have different sides to me that feel very polarizing.  I’m spontaneous when it comes to dressing. I allow my feelings to dictate what I wear each day.  I love wearing colour whether it's makeup, painted nails, or through clothing, colour gives off a magnetic energy, and I believe it can really influence how we feel.  I also love to wear pieces that hold memories made with beautiful fabric. I own different items of clothing I cherish. One specific piece is a nagajuban kimono I love to wear at home that holds a lot of memory of my time spent in Japan. It’s an antique garment and I love to imagine all the women who’ve had it in their lives and how it's been passed down. It’s made with a perfect silk that makes my skin feel beautiful and the peachy pink colour feels like it represents my inner world.


Jennifer is wearing the Ivy Bodysuit in Small


 4. When do you feel most confident?

I feel most confident when I am outside in nature, I feel the most connected to myself when I am surrounded by the wild.  When I’m in the city I’m in my head and it’s only when I spend time in nature that I can feel grounded and present in my body.  My time outdoors is so healing and humbling.


Jennifer is wearing the Ivy Classic Wire in 32C and matching High Waist in Small


5. What makes a place feel like home?

My multicultural background has challenged my concept of home, but when I am surrounded by memories, food my grandmother would make, and familiar language I feel comforted and at home. When I am feeling out of place, I find comfort in my art practice working with textiles which hold memories from different places I've visited and the motion of stitching feels familiar and meditative.


Jennifer is wearing the Ara Plunge in 32C and matching Bikini bottoms in Small


6. Are there any self-care rituals that are important to you?

I really love time spent in my studio.  It’s important to have a space that feels like my own. I believe in having daily moments alone and nourishing my spiritual self through taking a moment to meditate to centre myself, buying flowers, lighting a candle, moving my body, or watering my plants.





Jennifer is wearing the Luna Longline in 32C and matching Bikini bottoms in Small




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