Anatomy Of Our Luna Longline

The Background

Our team was determined to create a wire-free bra that provided comparable support and comfort to a bra with wires. Originally our pattern was closer to our Pullover Longline, but by adding more seams, lining, reinforcement and adjustable closures (to name a few), we were able to fuse performance with the comfort of an everyday bralette. We hoped to create something beautiful enough to show off yet functional enough to be concealed depending on one’s desires.

2009 - The pattern development began for our Luna Longline and has grown with us as Fortnight has expanded. The Longline is designed to extend beyond seasons and trends while celebrating minimalism and the natural female form. We began deconstructing a soft, stretchy silhouette by adding more seams and components while incorporating various fabrics.

2010 - The first Fortnight Longline Bra launched in February 2010. This release included one using all mesh, similar to today’s Meshie Collection, and one pairing lace and mesh.

2012 - The second generation of our Longline was released with a slightly longer band and added sizing.

2014 - Our Luna Longline was introduced as it is today with Italian Jersey bands and Power Mesh cups with an expanded size range.

2017 - We launched a Fortnight collaboration with Candice Huffine. This exciting release allowed our team to work through research and development to complete an extended round of sizing, including B-DD 38-40. E36-38, F36, G34.

2017 - Our signature Luna Longline was featured on the cover of Vogue Italia worn by Bella Hadid and photographed by Inez & Vinoodh.


The Band

Our Luna Longline's primary source of support comes from our signature band. This elongated band provides an exceptional level of support without any underwires at all. Power mesh lining reinforces the front of the band to provide excellent hold.

As sizes increase, we adjust the height of the band for increased support.

The extended bra band is hand made with Oeko-Tex® certified matte Italian jersey in the front and Power Mesh wings at the back. The reinforced band provides optimal structure and security with the same level of support as a wire bra.

The back wings of the Longline band are soft, with a firm yet flexible hold to move with you throughout the day.

We complete this style with double-row stitching at each side for increased reinforcement and to enclose all seaming.


The Cups

The cups of our Luna Longline are designed to mimic the natural shape of your breast rather than a machine-generated moulded and seamless bra shape.

Strategically placed seaming is our unique approach to providing a natural shape with excellent support and endurance.

Made in breathable power mesh (80% Nylon, 20% Elastane), our bra cups offer the maximum firmness allowing optimal structure and hold.

For cup sizes that need a little extra support, size D36, DD34-36, E32-34, and F30-32 feature double lining on the outer cup.

The outer edges of our cups are lined with the strongest latex-free elastic – crafted to hold our breasts perfectly in place.


The Apex

The apex is the centre-front point of the bra.

In our Luna Longline, it’s expected that the apex will not be touching your breastbone. However, the seam connecting the bottom of the cups to the band should lay flat from where the careful cup seam intersects, all the way through to the underarms.

This seam is top stitched, with an enclosed seam allowance for a soft and durable finish next to your body.


The Clasp

The clasp is offered in both three and four-rowed hook and eyes depending on the size of your bra.

Cup sizes A/B 30-36, C 30-34, D 30-32 are crafted with three-row hook and eyes, while sizes C36, D 34-36, DD 32-36, E 30-38, F 30-36, G 30-34 have four-row hook and eyes for additional support.


The Straps & Sliders

The bra straps of our signature Luna Longline are centre set, made with strong, latex-free elastic. The sliders are located on the front of the bra straps for easy and independent adjustment.



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