Women in Fortnight x Michelle Rabin

Photo Series by: Kayla Rocca

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Michelle Rabin. I’m a food stylist, recipe developer and content creator. I’m probably best known for my role on the Youtube show Just A Dash, but most of the time I’m behind the camera making food look great for the camera.


Michelle is wearing our Champagne/Ivory Ivy Classic Bra in 32C and Ivy Seamless Bikini in Medium.


2. What does feeling beautiful mean to you?

Feeling beautiful means being vulnerable, treating life with levity and laughing at yourself as much as possible. I feel most beautiful when seen by the people who know me best. I’m an open book, so to be friends with me likely means you know everything about me. I experience shame, guilt and embarrassment like everyone else, except I don’t hide it. Got a minute? Let me expose the most personal details of my life.


3. When do you feel most confident?

A few years ago, I started to run. When I first started, I could hardly run a kilometre without stopping. Now I’m running 10 kms with no problem. Consistency and hard work made that possible. Anytime I achieve something I doubted, I feel pretty darn proud. Makes me believe that anyone can do anything. Except sing, I certainly can’t do that.


Michelle is wearing our Blush Meshie 3-Piece Bra in 34C and Meshie Thong in Medium.


4. What makes a place feel like home?

An open door. My house is a home because of the people who make memories here. My pals know that they are always welcome and there will likely be snacks.

Michelle is wearing our Mauve Luna Plunge Bra in 32C and Luna High Waist in Medium.


5. Are there any self-care rituals that are important to you?

I take a hot bath every night before bed. Feels so good getting between the sheets when I’m warm and clean.


Michelle is wearing our Black Ivy Classic Longline in 32C and Ivy Seamless High Waist in Medium.


6. How does wearing Fortnight make you feel?

Look, I’m not a model. Putting on undies and taking pictures for the internet isn’t exactly, well, easy. I have lumps and bumps and rolls that I’m critical of, just like the rest of us. BUT, putting on Fortnight makes me feel like I have nothing to hide. I encourage everyone to take some sexy boudoir photos. You might like what you see!

Follow along with Michelle Rabin here: @MichelleRabin

Michelle is wearing our Haze Venice Pullover Longline in 2, and Venice High Waist Bikini in Medium.



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