Women In Fortnight x The Grape Witches

Photo Series by: Arden Wray

Grape Witches are real life best friends Krysta Oben and Nicole Campbell, who are championing natural wines through education and events in Toronto.


Krysta wears the MisfitstudioxFortnight Racer Bodysuit


What does feeling beautiful mean to you?

k: As an awkward kid grown into an awkward adult, it’s not something I really think about buttt I suppose beauty comes from confidence and joy, feeling comfortable in my own skin. Maybe sometimes that comes from soaking up the right amount of sunshine or good vibes until you shine from the inside out until you can shine a little light on people around you.

n: Feeling beautiful to me is embodiment. It is an openness and ease that radiates and pulls in light. It is working through all of your bullshit and trauma and fear to show up for your life. It is taking up space, but leaving room beside you. When I think of who I want to be – at ease is at the very top of my list.


Nicole Wears the Ivy Longline + High Waist in Olive/Black


What do you wear to feel most like yourself?

k: -Whatever’s clean tbh! My closet is kind of a weird place with uniform black dresses and blasts of colour, my “style lol” hasn’t really changed in 100 years and I feel pretty at home in most of my clothes. Simple dresses! No pants! Not a lot of blazers haha! If it’s something fun like going to a friend’s show or going for dinner and then it’s whatever makes me feel most like myself in the moment. Maybe a velvet dress! Maybe black on black on black!

n: I have always loved dressing up like a clown on a smoke break. I feel most like myself in sequinned shirts, fringed tops, my pink Horses Atelier jumpsuit and vertical and horizontal stripes worn together (with a kerchief!). I live in pants and flats and too many patterns and NARS matte lip pencil in Cruella. Pants forever so I may sit on the ground wherever I go.

Krysta wears the CHxFortnight Longline + High Waist in Snow Leopard
Nicole wears the Ivy Bodysuit in Black


When do you feel most confident?

k: Being in nature, daydreaming, hanging out with people I love, doing work I’m good at, talking about wine I love to nice people.

n: Right after a juicy yoga class, surrounded by people I love, sharing something I’m passionate about, doing creative work with fiery people whom I try to make laugh. during all: Robyn plays.


What makes a place feel like home?

k: A place to chill, maybe a pet, maybe a plant, some memories made there, or some future memories

 n: I will never move into a home without a good bath. Also, books and blankets and at least three feather pillows and my favourite snacks: dried mangos and peperoncini chips.


Krysta wears the Ivy Bodysuit in Champagne/Ivory


Are there any self-care rituals that are important to you?

k: Moving your body and a little face mask now and then can’t hurt. Quiet time is nice too! It’s rare when we’re all so busy doing stuff, but it’s nice to snatch a peaceful moment!

n: Movement means so much to me and taught me how to care for my body and understand it – s/o to my favourite Toronto yoga teacher Krista Marie Starr. I am an extroverted-introvert and time alone restores me. in that time, reading, podcasts, good whole foods and body oils are everything.


What Fortnight piece is your favourite and how does wearing it make you feel?

k: Super into the black velvet bodysuit, makes me feel like a cute jaguar!

n: I have been wearing Fortnight body suits for yearsssssss, as a full body hug that makes me feel held and powerful all day no matter what I’m wearing. As a girl who is often wearing easy wireless bras, the longline bra feels so sexy. Knowing they are all handmade by a female-owned company out of Parkdale makes it even better.


Nicole wears the Ara Plunge Bralette


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