We are driven by craftsmanship, functionality and timeless design. The intimacy women have with their undergarments is truly unique. It’s a bond that inspires us to create pieces that are honest, meaningful and made to last. Designed to not only enhance our curves, but our clothes as well, each piece is free from unnecessary embellishment, fusing careful design with technical consideration in a diverse range of sizes. Our hope is to help women feel most like their true selves; comfortable, confident and beautiful.



Each piece is carefully crafted in Toronto by a team of skilled craftswomen who are seriously passionate about the art of lingerie making. They put love and attention into every garment that passes from their hands into yours.

A single bra combines over 25 steps and components. It’s architectural in its design, requiring close attention to every stitch and detail. Even a millimetre on such a small, contoured garment can change the way it feels on the body. Precision and care is our secret to making each piece feel as though it’s made just for you.



Like a second skin, our materials play an equal role to structure and craftsmanship. Our fabrics are chosen based on their ability to offer high performance and durability, yet still be light, delicate and supremely comfortable.

Our jerseys are made in Italy. They are quick drying, moisture wicking with excellent stretch and recovery for perfect contouring. Our lace is sourced from mills across Europe that honour tradition and quality. The tie that binds these fabrics: Our Power Mesh. It’s minimal, strong and versatile structure adds support and assertive design detail.